Our Rose Bush Collection Is Coming!!

Be the first to know about GRF roses for your gardens!

I can't believe I'm typing these words. The first Grace Rose Farm ROSE BUSHES were dug up from our partner's propagation field last week! The roses are on their way to our farm where we will start the trialing process. These rose bushes have never been offered in the United States and they will make their way into your gardens in the coming years. I cannot believe it! This is such a dream come true and I’m so excited to take you along on the journey of these magnificent garden roses as they begin to grow and bloom at our farm. We're going to be grading them on various characteristics and qualities to help us decide which varieties officially become part of our forthcoming rose bush collection. The roses in our collection are bred by renowned rose hybridizers from all over the world. Be sure to follow us on social media as we head to our partner’s fields to show you the growing process and Europe this summer to meet the people who are making the Grace Rose Farm collection happen! (continued below)

Having our own garden roses has been something I've been focused on for years. We have received thousands of requests to sell rose bushes, but I haven't wanted to offer roses you can obtain elsewhere. I think it’s a combination of the entrepreneur and creative in me who is always seeking to do something new and different. So, I set out to find and bring you brand new roses!

Our roses will embody the beauty, elegance and timelessness our farm's roses are known for having, but they will be unique to the rose market... Our rose bush collection is made up of only roses that make excellent cut flowers! This quality will make our garden roses ideal for fellow flower farmers and home gardeners who want to grow vigorous, healthy garden roses that also have excellent vase life.

Here's a peek of the digging process at our partner's field. And at our farm, our good friend and tractor operator, Tom, is getting the soil tilled and ready for our new roses. Such exciting times and we can't thank you enough for your support and enthusiasm as we bring wonderful new garden roses to American gardeners!