Amnesia® * Exclusive *

Amnesia Rose Bush:

How to describe Amnesia’s extraordinary color? Her delicate, muted hue seems to shift from lavender to gray-lilac, suffused with hints of creamy café au lait and set off with pale green in the outermost petals. Her spiraled petals open partway to a shapely flower head, medium in size. Subtle and sophisticated, this unique beauty was bred in France. Amnesia® is exclusively licensed to Grace Rose Farm in the US and was bred by NIRP. Propagation is strictly prohibited. 

Amnesia is only available for late '23 to early '24 arrival and is very limited. This rose will sell out very quickly. Amnesia will arrive as a grafted two year old #1 bare root rose.

Rose Type: Garden Rose
Breeder: NIRP
Color: Lavender / Honey
Vase Life: 10-14 days
Fragrance: Strong, Spicy
Bloom Form: Classic 
Petal Count: 25-35
Growth Type: Hybrid Tea
Flowering: Repeat
Planting Season: Spring
Light Requirements: Full sun
Hardiness Zones: 5-11
Spacing: 3-4'
Height: 3-4
Width: 3-4'
Disease Resistance: Excellent, provide routine pest & disease prevention

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