Pink Traviata®


The quartered raspberry petals of Pink Traviata make this garden rose a showstopper both on the plant and in the vase. Early to bloom in the spring, Pink Traviata's marvelous, large blooms have thick velvety petals and are the perfect jewel tone. Bred by Meilland in France, Pink Traviata is widely celebrated by rose gardeners worldwide.

#1 Grafted Bare Root Rose

Rose Type: Hybrid Tea
Breeder: Meilland
Color: Deep pink
Fragrance: Mild
Bloom Form: Quartered
Petal Count: 75+
Growth Type: Upright 
Flowering: Repeat
Planting Season: Spring
Light Requirements: Full sun
Hardiness Zones: 5-10
Spacing: 4'
Height: 4-5'
Width: 2-3'
Disease Resistance: Excellent

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