Pope John Paul II


Pope John Paul II rose is our farm's most beloved pure white beauty! We grow hundreds of this magnificent and highly fragrant rose all over our property and have for six years. Pope John Paul II has been awarded top honors for fragrance, vigorous growth, perfect bloom form, and good disease resistance. It's no wonder it is a showpiece of the Vatican private garden. If you're looking for the perfect white garden rose, Pope John Paul II is the top choice by us and many gardeners.

#1 Grafted Bare Root Rose

Rose Type: Garden Rose
Breeder: Keith Zary, Jackson & Perkins
Color: White
Vase Life: 3-6 days
Fragrance: Intense Citrus and Old Rose
Bloom Form: Cupped with high center
Petal Count: 60-70
Growth Type: Hybrid Tea
Flowering: Repeat
Planting Season: Spring
Light Requirements: Full sun
Hardiness Zones: 5-10
Spacing: 3-4'
Height: 4-6
Width: 3-4'
Disease Resistance: Excellent, provide routine pest & disease prevention

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