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A nearly thornless English Shrub with delicate apricot blooms. This plant is extremely disease resistant and does well in containers and partial shade. It makes for an excellent hedge or border in a garden.  

From the private collection at Grace Rose Farm in California

The information on this page is for the purchase of one rose bush. The farm will ship your rose in spring 2023 according to your area’s last frost date. You can check your expected last frost date here

Rose Type: English Shrub Rose
Breeder: David Austin
Color: Apricot
Fragrance: Mild
Bloom Form: Cupped rosette
Petal Count: 55
Growth Type:  Shrub
Flowering: Repeat
Planting Season: Spring
Light Requirements: Full sun, partial shade
Hardiness Zones: 5-10
Spacing: 4'
Height: 3-4'
Width: 3-4'
Disease Resistance: Excellent

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