Chiffon™ * Exclusive *

Chiffon Rose Bush:

Chiffon® is a very in-demand garden rose amongst floral designers for its versatility in most wedding palettes. Ranging from nude to cream to blush, Chiffon® is truly a gorgeous rose. This beauty has delicate petals that resemble a peony and open fully, but not too quickly. You will be able to enjoy this rose for more than a week on the plant or up to 12 days in the vase. Chiffon® is exclusively licensed to Grace Rose Farm in the US and was bred by our friends at Interplant in The Netherlands. Propagation is strictly prohibited.

Rose Type: Garden Rose
Breeder: Interplant/Grandiflora
Color: Nude to cream to blush
Vase Life: 7-12 days
Fragrance: Light
Bloom Form: Cupped
Petal Count: 60-100
Growth Type: Rounded Shrub
Flowering: Repeat
Planting Season: Spring
Light Requirements: Full sun
Hardiness Zones: 5-11
Spacing: 3-4'
Height: 3-4
Width: 3-4'
Disease Resistance: Excellent, provide routine pest & disease prevention

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