All Dressed Up: Old-fashioned whimsy in the garden

All Dressed Up: Old-fashioned whimsy in the garden

This is one of the roses that you marvel at every time you walk past it. We first purchased All Dressed Up to fill a gap in colors that our farm was growing. At the time, we were growing for wholesale (event) florists and pink wasn’t a color that was in high demand. Once we started offering our roses to flower lovers, we started filling in our fields with bright pinks, yellows, reds and other colors we were missing out on.

Ordering through catalogs, you never really know how a bush will grow in your garden, how beautiful the blooms will be or how much maintenance the plant will require. All Dressed Up instantly blew our minds away at how spectacular it is. It’s upright with lush green foliage and intense sprays of soft pink, old-fashioned blooms. The cut stems are hardy, straight and have an excellent vase life. The plant is extremely disease resistant and truly stands out in our fields amongst the other roses. Since All Dressed Up blooms in sprays, just a few stems will fill a vase!

This rose quickly became one of Gracie’s favorites and it never disappoints. All Dressed Up is never without blooms and keeps flourishing all season long. It’s a newer variety to the market and one we absolutely feel with be around for a long time. Truly a gem in the garden!

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Big, medium pink blooms with an abundance of petals for a very full appearance. Old-fashioned form and unique apple fragrance! This beauty produces roses in sprays with side buds for a true garden grown look! A large, healthy rose bush that we grow in the hundreds.

From the private collection at Grace Rose Farm in California

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