Francis Meilland: Ryan's Favorite Rose

Our most loved light pink rose is always in bloom! If you aren't familiar with Francis Meilland, we'd love to tell you about this spectacular garden rose.

Francis Meilland is Ryan’s favorite rose and we're so thankful we chose it back in 2015 as a rose we wanted to grow for our farm. None of our roses compare to Francis Meilland, and we've heard from multiple clients that treasure the fragrance and beauty of this spectacular rose. The best part of this rose, is that is enormous and produced very large blooms to match it's grand size. Our plants are easily 7’ tall by summer and that means tons of gorgeous stems to cut. It’s a beautiful sight to see if you leave your blooms on the plants to open! 

A background... In 2015 we identified this rose as one we knew we wanted to grow. It was a variety that had been praised by the American Rose Society. We planted about 25 in our backyard and many people told us it wasn’t “special” because it’s a hybrid tea (not a fancy English rose), but thankfully, we didn’t listen. Francis Meilland stood out because it’s a heat lover, grows long cut worthy stems, has massive blush to white blooms, some of the best and most fragrant blooms ever AND its bloom form is actually more of an old fashioned type rose and not your average hybrid tea. Now that our farm has moved into growing more for other markets, Francis Meilland has taken the top spot as most coveted rose at our farm! If you have a space in your garden for a stunning blush rose, Francis Meilland is the rose you should choose!

 Some of our Francis plants were taller than Ryan last season!

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Pro tip: One of the most requested questions we always get is "how do we fertilize our roses?". We use an irrigation system that is hooked up to a fertilization tank, and it's filled with our favorite fertilizer Maxsea that you can find HERE. Maxsea is a seaweed and kelp based fertilizer that is completely natural and the plants absolutely love it! Massea turns the foliage extremely glossy and green, and makes the blooms huge! This is fertilizer we love and recommend to everyone because roses seem to love it!