About Our Roses & Shipping Information

Our goal is to ship your roses at the appropriate time for your climate. We have set guidelines for shipping based on each gardening zone by discussing climates with numerous rose gardeners. Customers may opt to have their roses shipped outside our guidelines by emailing us.

All garden roses not marked “Exclusive” are grown by Otto & Sons Nursery in California. Roses include David Austin, Meilland, Weeks, Kordes, and more. These roses will arrive potted and leafed out with buds in spring 2024. They are two-year-old plants. At this time, GRF cannot guarantee own-root or grafted for non-exclusives, so customers should presume they are receiving a grafted rose. These plants have a major head start gaining size at the nursery, so grafted should perform great for nearly every climate. Shipping begins in March for southern climates (zones 8-11) and into April and May for the coldest (zones 4-7).

All “Exclusive” grafted roses are potted and grown by Otto & Sons. The shipping information above applies to our Exclusive grafted roses.

All “Exclusive” own-root potted roses are greenhouse grown in Arizona. Plants will arrive as a 1+ year old potted rose. Shipping begins in November for the following zone 9 and 10 areas: Florida, South Carolina, Southern Louisiana, Southern Texas, parts of Arizona, and Southern California. Southern customers may contact us to have their roses held in our greenhouse until spring at no charge. Shipping for all other states will begin in the spring per the shipping schedule above. If you are in a colder zone (4-8) and wish to have your roses shipped before spring, please contact us to arrange shipping.

All tree roses will be shipped bare root starting in January to zones 9 and 10. Shipping continues through April to the coldest zones (4-8).

Pick-up at our California and Arizona farms is not offered at this time.