Drying Your Rose Petals

There really is nothing prettier than the scent of real garden roses. Drying your petals allows you to continue enjoying your Grace Rose Farm roses after they start losing their petals. 
Once your roses have begun dropping their petals, you can collect them for drying! Spread out your petals in a single layer on a clean, dry surface! Parchment paper works great for this as well! 
Place them in a sunny spot near natural light and fresh air if possible. Allow them to dry for 8-10 days, and rotate the petals as necessary.  
Once the petals are dry, you can collect them in your linen sachet to add a beautiful scent to your drawer, or anywhere you'd love to enjoy the aroma!
You can also place the petals in an open container to enjoy the aroma and the beautiful colors of the petals. 
XOXO, Enjoy!