Grace Rose Farm is proud to be a woman-owned business!

Grace Rose Farm started as a passion project - a garden full of the unique and special roses that I love - and now it has grown into a business that is succeeding beyond my wildest dreams. My mission is to encourage other women to follow their dreams, however unconventional they may be. Some of the most incredible businesses are born from hobbies and passions.

As a husband and wife team, our farm couldn’t run without both Ryan and I doing our part. We each bring our own unique skill sets to the business. But I am the one who holds the vision for the farm, and who loves creating beauty for others, especially women, to enjoy. When you ask most people to picture a farmer, there is a good chance they envision a man riding a tractor and wearing overalls! I am proud to be a woman in the farming space, changing the dated vision of what it means to own and run a successful farm. And I'm extremely proud of our organic farming practices, which were born out of my knowledge of organic gardening.

Grace Rose Farm has set the standard for how cut garden roses are being grown and supplied in the United States, and our business primarily serves women, both florists in the wedding industry and those who purchase our roses to enjoy in their home. We also employ mostly women, providing them with a sustainable living and flexible schedules so that they can earn their college degrees and/or care for their children. In the farming community, we are known for paying significantly more than field laborers are paid. We are proud to give our employees a beautiful and meaningful job and year round wages they can rely upon for their families.

For me, being a woman-owned business means putting relationships first; whether those be with our employees or our customers. Flowers have a way of connecting people, and there’s nothing I love more than knowing the work we do brings moments of beauty, joy and connectedness into the lives of our customers.

I’m always happy to share my business and farming experience and advice with others, so please feel free to ask a question on our Instagram post for this blog, and I'll do my best to reply to each question.