The announcement of announcements! As you can see by the photo with this post, we are partnering with the best rose nursery in the country - Otto & Sons! We have been very vocal over the last eight years about how Otto & Sons has grown every single rose bush GRF has ever planted at our multiple farms. So many of you have seen our videos of their enormous semi-trucks arriving at our farm with thousands of beautiful potted roses emerging. Countless people have asked to receive the same wonderful roses, so we made it happen! For those not living local to Otto & Sons in California, it has only been a dream to have access to their incredible roses, but not anymore!

All traditional garden roses (David Austin, Meilland, Kordes, Weeks, etc.) and grafted GRF Exclusives shipped this winter and spring are being grown by Otto & Sons. An Arizona nursery raises our GRF Exclusive own-root roses in greenhouses. If you already have a bare root order with us, you will receive your rose as a large potted 2-year-old plant full of foliage and buds (at no extra charge). Shipping charges will not increase with this change!

We made this change because most of you have asked us for potted and larger roses. We have an Exclusive estate-size crop (double the average size rose) being grown in our Arizona fields that will be harvested at the end of 2024. The best field rose growers in the world are producing these roses. Since we delivered more than 50,000 estate-size roses this spring, we wanted to carry on the tradition and not make you wait a year for our next Exclusive crop. This is where Otto & Sons comes in! We achieve both the demand for potted and extra-large plants with this partnership!

GRF aims to deliver the very best roses, and we know firsthand that Otto & Sons has the experience, talent, climate, and secret ingredients to grow roses you will love. The Klittich family lives and breathes roses and has for many generations. Your roses will arrive potted in Otto & Sons’ proprietary soil mix that has everything your roses need to thrive. You may remember all the photos we have shared of our huge roses right after planting in spring. Their health and size are due to Otto & Sons. We are so thrilled to offer you garden roses grown by Otto & Sons! 2024 is going to be a beautiful year for all of us!!

Our entire collection of roses will be available on our website on September 15th. Currently we have many varieties to choose from that will arrive potted. Our new pricing includes premium royalties paid to breeders. Why is this important? Often, breeders are not paid royalties or are paid minimally by vendors for each rose sold. We desire to support the breeders bringing such amazing roses to market to encourage continued research and development of new roses. With that, we hope to partner with more breeders we hear so many great things about. More to come! See you on September 15th!

Here’s a blog we wrote in 2021 about our love of Otto & Sons:

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