Parfuma® Dark Desire™


Two Year Old Potted Rose Grown By Otto & Sons Nursery

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All Grace Rose Farm garden roses are premium quality grown by Otto & Sons, a multi-generation, family-owned specialty rose nursery in the United States. The nursery is known amongst rose enthusiasts to produce the best, well-rooted plants in the industry. Our garden roses are sold potted in a proprietary soil blend rich in micro nutrients to ensure an environment where our roses flourish. Our roses are fertilized continuously, provided routine pest and disease management, and watered to produce healthy roots, foliage and vigorous growth. Your roses will arrive rooted, leafed out, and ready to bloom shortly after planting!

About Parfume® Dark Desire™

You can practically smell the intoxicating fragrance through the picture. The violet/mauve/red petals of this grandiflora are an intense color drawing you in closer. The extremely healthy rose bush is perfect for having as a focal point in a garden or mass planting for a hedge, and even more wonderful when added to a cut flower floral arrangement.

Rose Type: Hybrid Tea
Breeder: Kordes
Color: Violet, mauve, red
Fragrance: Strong
Bloom Form: Cup
Petal Count: 40+
Growth Type: Upright
Flowering: Repeat
Planting Season: spring
Light Requirements: Full sun
Hardiness Zones: 5 to 10
Spacing: 4'
Height: 5-6'
Width: 2-3'
Disease Resistance: Excellent

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